Dear Planning Board:

I am the owner of “Mara’s On the Way” located directly across Route 28 from the proposed business of 850 Rte 28 LLC.

In addition, I own a 4-acre lot behind Mara’s On the Way where I am in the process of building a 3-bedroom home.

As a valuable tax paying member of the business and residential community I am writing this letter in support of 850 Rte 28 LLC.

I also want to point out that I have been mountain biking for 25 years from Jockey Hill Rd to Onteora Lake. This project will not hinder the beautification and recreational use of these trails.

In reviewing the proposal, the following improvements/benefits are what persuades me to support this project:

  • DEC and Wildlife Management approval
  • Low visual impact and 100’ green shield along route 28
  • $360,000 tax revenue for real property and school taxes
  • 30 new jobs
  • Economic growth
  • Watershed protection

In closing, I am strongly in support of this proposal and urge the planning board to stay on course with their approval by doing what’s right for well-being of the community.

Respectfully Submitted,
William Cafiero

I am writing this email regarding the proposed project to be located at 850 Route 28. Why is it, that time and time again, we business owners must be the voice of reason when it comes to the fiscal responsibility of the community ?

Here are a few issues that I believe are credible issues that we in the Town of Kingston need to consider. In a recent report bt the County Executive, it is know that Ulster County now has approximately 40% of its residents under the national poverty line. We currently witness that about 50% of all land plots are currently off the tax rolls. Where do we believe that the operating income for the town, or increase in town expenditures are to arrive from ? Looking at the proposal for 850 Route 28, there is an estimate ( even if conservative ) for approximatly $360K in receivables for both real property and school taxes.

Furthermore, when reviewing the proposal, we see that the overall additional impact on road traffic to be minimal at most. The swell of tourist traffic on Saturday and Sunday greatly outweigh the estimate for 850 Route 28. I believe that most responsible business owners and town planners agree, more traffic reaps additional income to both state and local coffers.

As promised in the proposal, a 100’ wide ‘green shield’ will help retain the beauty of the route 28 corridor for all users of the roadway. Additionally, no water runoff to Onteora watershed is crucial for both wildlife and tourist alike. There is no concern that toxic materials will be used and that is a crucial element to consider going forward.

Low impact visually, low impact environmentally, and high impact to town income. I”m stunned that there is even a consideration on the table to oppose this operation.

One consideration going forward: Should 850 Route 28 be shelved, I will be monitoring the negative tax impact for my property. I have already applied to relocate my operation with my manufacturer should an adverse condition take place making us bear the burden for the town fiscally.

I strongly advise those who oppose 850 Route 28 to reconsider what their actions will do to the Town of Kingston.

Bill Nugent | Dealer Operator
Woodstock Harley-Davidson
Kingston, NY

I am a local business owner of READ Electric Inc in Ulster County, NY. It has come to my attention that Open Space of Manhattan is proposing to stop a local quarry operation on Route 28 in Kingston. This would end nearly 60 viable construction type-jobs and will cause a tax problem to this county. It has also come to my attention they would take nearly 200 acres off the tax roll. This would be taking away the livelihood to many trades, especially in the construction industry.

Ron Beiter

I just want to reiterate my support for this project. Ulster county needs this type of development desperately!

It’s sadly ironic that the Open Space institute, who doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t create jobs and doesn’t contribute to our economy in any meaningful way, has the audacity to show up at a public hearing and oppose a project that DOES pay taxes, DOES create jobs and DOES contribute to our economy! We need this project just to make up for the shortfall that their land acquisitions have created! And while it’s admirable that their highly paid attorneys and environmentalists are concerned about wildlife, I think it’s high time we stopped worrying so much about turtles and bats and started thinking about our neighbors and children, who are finding it increasingly difficult to make a living around here.

Someone at the hearing said it’s not always about the money, and that may be true but SOMEBODY’S got to pay the taxes around here! And it sure as heck isn’t going to be the Open Space Institute!!!

Guy Blake, CCIM
Pyramid Brokerage Company