• 850 Route 28 LLC is a business enterprise owned by Town of Kingston native Tom Auringer. Tom purchased this property in June of 2018, prior to the purchase by OSI (on or about February of 2019) of adjacent land.
  • The proposed site will be used for fabrication of pre-cast concrete slabs [molding of concrete], needed for road and bridge construction projects throughout New York State. In addition, steel plates will be attached to steel-beams on site. At NO TIME will there be any cement or steel production [manufacturing] taking place at the site. Furthermore, no toxic chemicals will be used or stored at the location. Cutting-edge technologies and methods to reduce the site's footprint of operations to the barest minimum will be deployed to ensure the process exceeds both state and local environmental regulations.
  • The location of the property is ideal for the proposed use due to its close proximity to the NYS Thruway and centrality in NYS, the property’s pre-existing zoning for industrial uses, and proximity of labor.
  • Current zoning of property is for heavy commercial/industrial. Prior use of property in 1950s-70s was mining. The property is heavily scarred from prior mining.
  • The Town of Kingston Planning Board has been evaluating the 850 Route 28 project since July 2018, and its SEQRA review included an evaluation of various studies that have addressed all relevant potential impacts that may result from the project.
  • 850 Route 28, LLC has complied with all requests by local and state authorities, regarding the impact on the environment and local traffic, including numerous, carefully conducted research studies. The NYS DEC, NYS DOT, Ulster County Planning, and Town of Kingston have not found any reason to not approve this project following their extensive reviews. All issues regarding noise, light, water and air concerns, have been addressed, and plans have been submitted for site preparation that will protect neighboring lands, including the land purchased just this past February by the Open Space Institute.
  • Surrounding properties not only include Onteora Lake/Bluestone Forest, but also include commercial development along Route 28, a small number of residences, and a nearby mining operation (Eastern Materials, that mines and processes hard rock).
  • No water runoff from 850 Route 28 LLC property will enter the Onteora/Pickerel watershed. Water from adjacent Pickerel Pond and the adjoining stream flow onto the 850 Route 28 LLC property, and then across Route 28.
  • Additional traffic on Route 28 will not be significant. This location currently receives 15,000 vehicles daily, thus the addition to traffic will represent less than 1% total traffic. Traffic added from the 850 Route 28 site will predominantly head east (towards the NYS Thruway).
  • Estimated real estate and school tax revenue contribution to annually from project will be approximately $363,000 (based on a $1/square foot site estimate) with 71 cents/dollar going to school district; 12-15 cents/dollar going to County, and 17-20 cents/dollar going to Town of Kingston.
  • When the 850 Route 28 property is in full operation, we expect to hire 60+ full time well-paid staff (well above minimum wage).
  • Furthermore, many local businesses along Route 28 that will benefit from the project’s employees patronizing their businesses, and some employees may move to the town, adding to the aforementioned tax base, etc.